Out Standing in Their Field

  1. Tribute
  2. Fixing a Hole
  3. The Simpsons
  4. Beat It
  5. The Mission
  6. Interlude: NBC Nightly News Opening
  7. The Pink Panther
  8. Liberty Bell
  9. The Stars and Stripes Forever
  10. The Star Spangled Banner
  11. Goodnight


  • Vincent Chancey (French horn)
  • Brian Dutton (tenor sax)
  • Bob Mover (tenor sax)
  • Juren David (flute and Irish whistle)
  • Lucy Simko (flute)
  • Robert Simko (accordion)
  • Andrew Phelps (tuba)
  • David Behl (trumpet)
  • Dikko Faust (trombone)
  • Alan Sturm (trumpet and flugelhorn)
  • Bianca Bob Miller (glockenspiel)
  • Judy Karnas (tambourine)
  • Michael Fadden (percussion)
  • Olivia Goodkind and Theo Simko (voices)

Produced and arranged by Tom Goodkind
Recorded and mixed June 25-26, 2004 at Think Tank Studios in Hoboken, NJ
Engineer: Matt Azzarto
Cover Photo: David Behl

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