A Week of Pops' 10th Anniversary

The Pops will be barnstorming the Church Street School every evening from April 15 to April 19 at 7pm to celebrate their 10th anniversary season. Come listen to the tunes from their upcoming album, including works by Charles Ives and Philip Glass.
We’re also featured in the Broadsheet Daily!

Pops go artsy

The Tribattery Pops announce their 2013 World Tour, starting as usual with the downtown Little League opening day parade. Downtown Express got a teaser on the show and our upcoming album featuring music by Philip Glass:

“[Glass has] given his blessing to Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and Orchestra being the featured song in next year’s Downtown Little League’s Opening Day parade.

‘They said they would be very interested to see what we do with it,’ Goodkind said. ‘The Little Leaguers are going to march to post-modernist music.’”
(Downtown Express, 26-Dec-2012)

We will miss you, Steve

Our former drummer and friend Steve Russo passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. An amazing musician and artist, and a Pop for many years, Steve was a real hipster who understood and guided us. We have lost a dear friend and band member.

Steve, we will miss you!

The aPOPalypse is Coming!

The year is 2012, long foretold by the Mayans, the Bible, Nostradamus, Wikipedia, and John Cusack, among other expert sources, as THE END OF THE WORLD. In honor of this momentous occasion, the Pops announce their 2012 album and tour dates.

See tour stops and dates

THE DARK ALBUM 12/21/12 – CHICKEN LITTLE SOUP – Mayan Penicillin – aPOPaLips Now!

This is likely our last community band recording and possibly the first one with respectable sales due to this type of insipid exploitation.

Now, if you simply can’t wait for the new album, come out and see the Pops:

  • LITTLE LEAGUE PARADE – Saturday, April 21, 9:00am – 11:00am, BPC Baseball Field
  • BOGARDUS TRIANGLE VIEWING GARDEN – Saturday, May 12, 10:30am – 12:30pm, TriBeCa – Hudson & Reade Streets
  • THE SIDEWALK CAFE – Saturday, May 19, 7pm, 6th St & Ave A
  • FRYING PAN AT CHELSEA PIERS – Sunday, June 10, 2pm – Pier 66 (12th Ave & 26th St)
  • 4th OF JULY PERFORMANCE IN WAGNER PARK – Wednesday, July 4, 9pm, Battery Park City
  • TBA

Grammy Nomination!

If you’re a Grammy member or work for a recording company, we subtly mention for information only, and not solicit votes – that the Pops are up for this Nomination!

Between today and November 2nd, the Pop’s 10th 11th The Whitman Sampler Dubstep Mix song is up for a Grammy Nomination for

* Field 21 Composing/Arranging
* Category 57 Best Instrumental Composition

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